Fibonacci Series Program and Algorithm in C


Fibonacci series is a series of nos.(0,1,1,2,3,5,8………so on) in which a new number is found by adding(+) up to 2 nos. before it for example 0+1=1,   1+1=2,   2+1=3,  3+2=5, 5+3=8…….)

Print a List of Files in a Folder



If u want to read all the files in a folder .With this code(program)u can list all the files in a given((specific) for example e:\rekha) directory.

Inter-Thread communication in Java

There are three ways for the Threads to communicate with each other.

Convert Decimal to Binary

Decimal number contains 10 digits(0-9) but Binary number contains two digits(0,1).

Doubly Linked List

In Doubly linked list, we can store in each node not only the address of next node but also the address of the previous node in the linked list.

Applet Methods

JApplet is a class that represents the Swing Applet. It is a subclass of Applet class and must extended by   all the applets that use Swing.

Reverse a Linked List

Reversing  a Linked list is the useful operation in which we change next to prev, prev to current and current to next.

Reverse String using Stack


Stack is LIFO(LAST IN FIRST OUT) linear data structure. It can have 2 operations 1)Push(add a new item)  2)Pop(delete an item).In this example I have shown how  to reverse a string from last character to the first (example…..RAM  OUTPUT IS MAR)

Queue Operations

 Queue Operations are......

         Enqueue—Add an item(new item in back side) to the end of the queue.

         Dequeue—Remove an item from the front.

         Queue Front—Who is first?

         Queueu End—Who is last?


Nested Loops

Nested loop means loop within a loop one is inner loop(inside the body) and other is outer loop(two loops).Inner loop is placed inside outer loop.

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