Java Thread Deadlock

Deadlock is a special type of error that needs to be avoided in multitasking. This mainly occurs, when two threads have interdependency on a pair of synchronized objects.

Suspending and Resuming Thread

Every thread may perform different tasks. Sometimes, it becomes necessay to suspend the execution of a thread for a period of time. This can be done by using suspend() method of the class. We can restart the thread by using resume() method.stop() is used to stop the thread, it cannot be restarted again.

JDesktopPane and JInternalFrame in Java

We can create multiple windows(more than one windows) in JInternal Frame class.This is also known as MDI(Multiple document interface).The JInternal Frame is same as Jframe class. We can add all the components (JButton,JTextField,JLabel etc)in all the internal frames.

Byte Streams in Java

The FileReader and FileWriter classes are used to read and write 16 bit characters. However,many fie systems use 8 bit bytes. The I/O system of Java provides numerous classes to handle 8 bit bytes. The FileInputStream and FileOutputStream are the most frequently used classes to handle bytes.


Reading and Writing Characters Streams in Java

The Reader and Writer class comprises various subclasses. These subclasses implement streams that can handle characters. The sub classes used to handle characters in file are FileReader and FileWriter. FileReader is used for reading characters from the file and FileWriter is used for writing character to the file.

How to create a file in Java

The creation and utilization of a disk file involve various decisions to be made, such as an appropriate naming for the file, data type to be used, purpose of creating the file and method used in the creation of file.A Filename refers to a unique string of characters that facilitates easy identification of files on the disk.


RandomAccessFile in Java

Random Access File means that the data can be read from or written to random location in a file. In the File class, data is read from and written sequentially as continuous streams of data. The package comprises a class known as RandomAccessFile that allows performing input/ output operations to any location within a file.


Applet for add two numbers

Applets are simple Java programs that runs in web browsers.The creation of web pages is related to Java Applet. An applet is an Internet based Java program that can be included in an HTML page.An applet is a Java class defined in JDK’s java. applet package.

Program in C to calculate length of a String

The strlen() function, find the length of a string. This fuction counts the number of characters presents in a string. String.h has to be included in the program before you call the strlen().

String constants vs char arrays in C

A string constant is a series of characters(array of characters or group of characters) enclosed with double quotes(like “GOOD “).A string constant is a one dimensional(str11[]) array of characters. A character constant is a character enclosed in single quotes.(like ‘G ‘). Each character in a string takes only 1 byte.

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