Pure Virtual Function

When we use same function name in both base class(parents class, super clas) and derived class
(child class, sub class), the function in base class is declared as virtual using the keyword virtual.
A virtual function, equated to zero(function name()=0) is called a pure virtual function.

Program to show how a method returns values

The return is a keyword in Java.In the program return statement is used with the methods which return a value. This is the main point to be noted that a function can return only one value.

Program of Labeled Continue Statement

The labeled continue(continue statement can be followed by a label) statement skips the current iteration of an outer loop marked with the given Label and Loops make the program code shorter, Nested Loops are used for calculations in matrics and arrays.

Find out the factorial of a given number with different loop

It is very interesting to note that the program with one type of loop can be converted to other program With while, do-while,for loop to produce the same result.

How we split the string in Java

 Split the string means we separate the string .In this example we remove comma separator and separate the string.

Interface in Java


Java cannot support multiple Inheritance means we cannot create multiple super classes or we can say parents classes or base classes .This is the main reason we can create interface. In interface we can declare function only but not create the body.


How to draw a Smiley Face

Graphics is one of the most important feature of Java.Java applets can be written to draw lines.arcs,images and text in different fonts and styles. Different colors can also be display. The origin of each window at the top-left corner and is(0(x),0(y)). Coordinates are specified in pixels.

For loop

 The for loop, as in C, repeats statement or blocks of statements some number of times until a condition is matched or fulfill(complete). For loops are basically used for simple iteration in which you repeat a block of statements a certain number of times and then stop. But you can use “for” just any kind of loop.

Macros in the C Programming

 # define is used to make definition in a C program.Here we define a
constant MAX with its value 12, whenever program encounters Max, it
is replaced to 12. Do not speak for itself, what it is, but from MAX.

Free Flowing Switch Statement


Free Flowing Switch statements are executed if we don’t use break statement, if we use break then it will gives output only one case. But we don’t write break then this will gives output Of all the cases with default case.Break is used to terminate the statement.

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