Pointers and Strings in C++

An array of pointers makes more efficient use of available memory by consuming lesser number of bytes to store the strings. An array of pointers make more the manipulation of the strings much easier.

Reverse a String using Pointer in C

String reverse means reverses the order of all the characters in a string. String are stored in Array of type char, with the end of the string marked by the null character.

Difference between Parameters and Arguments

A PARAMETER is an entry in a function header. A function’s parameters are fixed; they do not change during program execution.

Function Overloading in C++

C++ supports overloading of function names and operators for both user defined types and built in types.For Example we can create several functions named print, or we could overload the “+” operator to work for a new type. In C++ , a function name is overloaded by simple declaring (and defining)several functions with that name.

Implementing the Runnable Interface

The Runnable interface consists of a single method run() which required for implementing thread. We will create a thread and pass the object of the class that implements the Runnable interface as an argument of the Thread class’s constructor. The thread will now be activated by calling the start().

Print reverse of a String using recursion

String is a group of characters means a linear sequence of characters,(a,b,c,d),word.By using recusive function we can reverse a string from begin to end.A recursive is a function that calls itself is termed as a recursive function and the process involved in doing this is called recursion.

Swing JTextArea Class

JTextArea is section of the JTextComponent. It includes the component named as JTextArea. The JTextArea component is used to display plain text and is a multi-line textarea. It is known as lightweight component for working with text.

Compound Assignment Operator

Compound assignment operator(+=,-=,*=,/=,%=,&=,|=,^=,<<=,>>=,>>>=)are a combination of the assignment operator and an another operator such as an arithmetic operator. So they are also known as Shorthand assignment operators.



Nested if statement in Java

When a complete if or if-else statement is written within another if statement, it is known as nesting of the if statement. The nested block can be within the if block or inside the else block.

Print ASCII characters in Java


The full form of ASCII is The American Standard Code for Information Interchange. The ASCII code includes only control characters like A-Z , a-z,special characters(>?<) etc. Computer do not understand anything(like characters) other than numbers(bits or bytes).

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