Java Statements


A statement is an executable combination of tokens ending with a semicolon(;). Statements are usually executed in sequence in the order in which they appear. Java implements several types of statements and these are:

Java Statements


Expression Statement….Java has seven types of Expression Statements like Assignment,

Pre and Post-decrement, Post and pre-increment,Method call and Allocation Expression.

Labelled Statement….Any statement which begins with a Label(not be keyword, used variable etc).

Synchronization Statement….These are used for multithreading in Java.

Guarding Statement….This statements are used for safe handling of code and use try , catch and finally block(ex.divide by zero).

Selection Statement….This statement is used for select one of several control flows.

Iteration Statement….These statement specify how and when looping will take place.

Jump Statement….This statement pass control to the beginning or end of the current block, or a labeled Statement.