How can I display an image in the Applet

A web page should have the ability to attract the viewer’s attention and hold it.Different types of images such as JPEG,GIF etc. can be added to a web page to make it appear more attractive.We can use paint() of an applet to display images and graphics.

For Loop in Applet

To pass a parameter to an applet, a parameter must be declared in the HTML file.The parameter is declared in the HTML file using <PARAM> tag.The value obtained using getParameter() method are String.

How to use TextListener in Java

TextEvent represents the event that is generated when the user enters or changes text in TextField or TextArea.The textValueChanged() used in the TextListener interface.This method invoked when the text inside the text area or textfield alters.

How to use Radio Buttons in Java

Awt package is used for components and awt.event package is used for action performed.If we want to select only one option the we use checkboxes.CheckboxGroup is a set of checkboxes in which we can select only one option(checkbox) .The checkboxes which are set in CheckboxGroup is called “radiobutton”.

Adding Key and Mouse Listener in Java

     The keyListener interface invoked when we press or released any key from the keyboard,or a character is entered.The mouseListener and mouse MotionListener both are different from each other.The methods defines in both the mouse listeners are different.

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