Characteristics of C language


C is a programming language that has been developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1970's.

1)Simple and Clear----C has richest collection of data types(int,float,char), operators(symbolic representation) and inbuilt functions.


2)Stuctured Approach----C provide the fundamental control flow constructions required for well structured program like statement grouping, decision making(if-else),switch-case, break etc.

3)Portable----C has the characteristics of portability .Portable means computer independent. The programs made in C on one computer can be run on different computers by not changing anything.

4)Case Sensitive----Case Sensitive means that almost everything in C program is written in small case.

5)Easily Available and Quick----The C compiler are very easily available and require very less disk space .

TURBO C is the compiler which is very easy to load in your computer.

6)Modular----Modular means the programs can be easily divided into small modules with the use of functions.

7)Easy Error detectionàWhenever we compile the program after typing it in the editor, the errors are immediately displayed on the screen pointing to the line numbers where they are actually coming.

8)Availability of recursive function----This help us to reduce the writing of definition of functions by calling same function again and again reduce the lines of codes as well and are easy to remember.