Introduction of C Language

Types of   Programming Language

       1.Low Level

                   a)  Machine Level Language

                   b)  Assembly Language



2.High Level

               A)Procedural Language 

                                 a)  Algorithmic Language (COBOL, C Language)

                                 b)  Object oriented Language(C++, Java)

                                 c)  Scripting Language(VBScript, Java Script)

Algorithmic Language are high level language . In this language the programmer must specify the steps the computer how to follow while executing a program.

Procedural language in which programs are written as lists of instructions for the computer to obey in sequence.

           ‘C’ is a Computer programming language . It is called basic language and also called mother language . ‘C’ has been develop and designed by Dennis Richie in 1970’s at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA. It was originally written under UNIX operating system.


By 1960’s many computer languages exist but each has been developed for specific purpose like

COBOL-----for business and commercial

FORTRAN-----for engineering and Scientific purpose

The ‘C’ language derives its name from the fact that it is based on a language developed by Ken Thompson, another programmer at Bell Laboratories. He adapted it from a language known as Basic Combined Programming Language(BCPL).To distinguish his version of language from BCPL, Thompson named it and when the language was modified and improved to its present state(after changed), the second letter of BCPL means C letter, C was chosen to represent the new version by Dennis Ritchie.