What is Data Structure?

Data Structure is the branch of computer science that unleaches(set free) the knowledge of how the data should be organized, how the flow of data should be controlled and how a data structure should be designed and implemented to reduce the complexity and increase the efficiency of the algorithm.

What is Data Structure?

 1.           1.A data structure is a systematic way of organizing and accessing data.

              2.A data structure tries to structure data!

 1·         Usually more than one piece of data.

          Should define legal operations on the data.

         The data might be grouped together(for example linked list).

3.When we define a data structure we are in fact creating a new data type of our own.

Why Data Structure?

            1. Data Structure study how data restored in a computer so that operations can be implemented efficiently.

         2. Data structure are specially important when you have a large amount of information

         3.Conceptual and concrete ways to organize data within the memory.

Data Structure is one of the most important courses that is to be mastered by any software professional. They are building blocks of a program

If a program is built using improper data structures, then the program may not work as  expected always. It is very important to use right data structure for a program.

Data structure enable a programmer to structure a program in such a way that the data are represented in the same way(of course, to the extent possible) as they are represented in real life. A stack is a last-in-first-out data structure. It means that the latest element which entered the stack will be the first to leave. A queue is first-in-first–out data structure

A data structure is a set of data values along with the relationship between the data values. Since, the operations that can be performed on the data values depend on what kind of relationships exists among them, we can specify the relationship amongst the data values by specifying the operations permitted on the data values. Therefore, we can say that a data structure is a set of values along with the set of operations permitted on them. It is also required to specify the semantics of the operations permitted on the data values, and this is done by using a set of axioms, which describes how these operations work, and therefore a data structure is made of:

1.        A set of data values

2.       A set of functions specifying the operations permitted on the data values.

3.       A set of axioms describing how these operations work.

Data Structure mainly two types:

    1.Linear Data Structure

    2.Non-Linear Data Structure