Difference between Parameters and Arguments

A PARAMETER is an entry in a function header. A function’s parameters are fixed; they do not change during program execution.


An ARGUMENT is an actual value passed to the function by calling the program. Each time a function(half_of()) is called, it can be passed with different arguments.



float x=3.5,y=65.11,z;

float half_of(float kk);

void main()


/*In this call, x is the argument to half_of()*/


printf("the value of z=%f\n",z);

/*In this call, y is the argument to half_of()*/


printf("the value of z=%f\n",z);



float half_of(float kk)


/*kk is the parameter. Each time half_of() is called*/

/*kk has the value that was passed as an argument*/




difference between argument and parameter