Switch Statement in C

The switch statement is a multiway decision making statement which selects one of the several alternatives based on the value of integer variable or expression. Switch statement requires only one arguments, which is then checked of case options.Break statement is essential use with switch statement because it stops the execution of succeeding cases and transfers the control out.

Program for initialize mouse cursor in C

This is program to Initialise Mouse and display its cursor. Dos.h header file is used for handling interrupts,date & time functions,producing sound,delay,sleep etc. We can do everything with mouse using C codes.

Program in C to calculate length of a String

The strlen() function, find the length of a string. This fuction counts the number of characters presents in a string. String.h has to be included in the program before you call the strlen().

String constants vs char arrays in C

A string constant is a series of characters(array of characters or group of characters) enclosed with double quotes(like “GOOD “).A string constant is a one dimensional(str11[]) array of characters. A character constant is a character enclosed in single quotes.(like ‘G ‘). Each character in a string takes only 1 byte.

C program to print diamond pattern

By using for loop we can print the stars(in diamond shape).In for loop we use (initialization ,condition , inc/dec).kk loop is used for rows(upper and lower part) and kk loop is used for columns(upper and lower part)in diamond(stars).

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