How to use realloc in a function in C

There are two possibilities when we want to change the size of the block.In first case ,when we want more memory space in comparison to allocated to allocated memory space.In second allocated memory space is more than the required memory space.For changing the size of the memory block we use realloc().

Swapping in C language

Swapping means we can interchange the values.We can swap the values by using third variable or without using third variable.

How to find ASCII value of character in C

The continue statement is used to “continue “ the loop with its next iteration.It skips any remaining statements in the current iteration and immediately passes the control to the next iteration.

How to print a multiplication table in C using for loop

The for loop provides a more consice and easy loop structure. The for loop combines all the phases of a loop in single step means initialization,condition ,inc/dec phases.

How to use Union in C language

Union is same as Structure means a collection of Variables (any type)under a single(one) name.These variables can be of different types. We can use variables of any types, inside the structure or Union.

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