To print all combination of characters A,B,C

For loop is used as the keyword in most programming language.If the statement block is only one statement, the braces ({})are not necessary.char data type is used for character only.

Enumerated data type

Enumerated data type is designed specially for variables that can be take small set of possible values. enum keyword is used in enumerated data type. The set of values enclosed in curly braces separated by commas. The set of values are called enumerators.

Program to perform functions of a calculator

The Switch-case statement is a multi way decision statement. If and if-else are used for small number of choices but when we have large number of conditions we use switch-case statement. Depending upon the value supplied by user, the appropriate case is matched, the corresponding statements will be executed, all the other cases will be skipped.

Program to illustrate the concept of passing pointers as arguments

In function when we pass arguments by value then the photocopy is actual arguments is passed to formal arguments where as in call by reference the actual address of actual arguments passed to formal arguments.

Bitwise operator

Bitwise operator are used for manipulating of data at bit(0,1) level.These operator are used for testing the bits and shifting from right to left.The bitwise operators are AND, OR, XOR, SHIFT RIGHT, SHIFT LEFT, EXCLUSIVE OR(^).

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