Reverse a String using Pointer in C

String reverse means reverses the order of all the characters in a string. String are stored in Array of type char, with the end of the string marked by the null character.

Difference between Parameters and Arguments

A PARAMETER is an entry in a function header. A function’s parameters are fixed; they do not change during program execution.

Print reverse of a String using recursion

String is a group of characters means a linear sequence of characters,(a,b,c,d),word.By using recusive function we can reverse a string from begin to end.A recursive is a function that calls itself is termed as a recursive function and the process involved in doing this is called recursion.

Structure in C

Structure contains a number of data items(int,float,char) grouped together. These data items may or may not be of same type. So we can say that structure is a collection of heterogeneous(different) data items.

Recursion in C Programming

Recursion is a process by which a function calls itself repeatedly, until some specified condition has been satisfied. Such a function is called recursive function.

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