Circumference of a Circle

   Circumference and Area of a Circle

Compute the area and circumference of a circle given the radius. The input/output behavior of the program should be

Circle radius(real number)?     5.1

Area of Circle with radius 5.1 is 81.7104

Circumference is 32.0433


Union in C


Like structures, union is a collection of data items of different types. The only difference between structure and union is from the view point of storage of their members. All the members of a structure are assigned  separate memory locations, but union allows you to view a single storage area in more then one way, i.e all the members of a union the same memory area.

Bubble Sort Program


Bubble  sort is most popular sorting technique because it is very simple to understand and implement. The algorithm achieves its name from the fact that,with each iteration the largest value moves like a bubble to the top of the array. The bubble sort method is not efficient for large arrays.


Scanner Class in Java


Input by using Scanner Class

 The Scanner Class is defined within a Java Package(java.util.*; OR  Java.util.Scanner).There are more methods in class Scanner .

Creating Scanner Object

Scanner Class is available in system package java.util . You must import this package to avail the facilities contained in Scanner Class.


Infinite loop using thread in Java

A thread is just like a program, which has a single flow of control. Threads are called lightweight processes.This is because ll the threads in a main application program share the same address space in the memory.

Operations on an Array in C


In Computer Programming,an Array,also known as a Vector or List,is one of the simplest data structure.Array holds equally sized data elements, generally of the same data type.In this individual elements are accessed by index(for ex arry[0],arry[2] here 0 and 2 are the index).

Difference between Singly Linked Circular List and Doubly Linked Circular List



1)The structure of a node of singly linked  circular list is as follows:-

      Struct list_type


           Int data;

         Struct list_type *next;



Linked Lists in C



      1  LINK OR POINTER: A pointer also called a link or a reference, is defined to be a variable that give the location of some other variable(point to the next consecutive node), typically of a structure containing data.


Creation,Insertion ,Deletion algorithms of a Linked List


Algorithm  of creation of a Linked List

CREATE---In this algorithm a Linked List of nodes is created. The list is pointed by pointer first, the last node of the list points to NULL., indicating the end of the list.

User Interface input Data Validation in Swing


The Simple Validation is used  for quickly adding validation code to Swing user-interface.The User Interface needs to make sure that what the user typed is legal, if it is not then  the user should be shown the error or problem.

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