Thread Priorities

In the Java programming language, every thread has a thread priority. You can increase or decrease the priority of any thread with the setPriority(). You can set the priority to any value between MIN_PRIORITY(defined as 1 in the Thread class) and MAX_PRIORITY(defined as 10),NORM_PRIORITY(defined as 5).

Arrange strings according to their length

A String is an object that is created using String class. The String class is more commonly used for display message, search or compare the strings,extract individual characters in a string s substring. The length is used for determining the length(number of characters in the String) of a String.

Data Streams in Java

Data streams supports reading/writing of primitive data types(int, float, short, long, double, Boolean, char and byte) as well as String objects. Data streams are filtered streams,that is, they filter existing stream so that the primitive data types can be directly read from or written to the stream.

Vector in Java

The Vector class contained in the java.util package defines the methods used to store various objects into a single unit. It can be used to implements dynamic array called VECTOR.Vector can accommodate any number(any size) and any type(data type like int, float, char ) of objects.

StringBuffer Class in Java

String is a group of characters.Strings created using String class are of fixed length, whereas, string created using StringBuffer class are of varying length. We can append the string, reverse the string, insert the string at the particular position, removes character of the string at any index,in STRINGBUFFER class.

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