Java Break Statements

Break statement is one of the Branching statements provided by Java, which is also used to control the flow of the program. Break statement is used to exit from a running loop program on a condition that is predefined, before the loop completion.

Nested Classes in Java

A class is a framework, which represents a general objects. An instance of a class represents an individual object. The object defines the behavior and properties of the class. A nested class is a class that is defined within another class(class inside another class). Nested classes enhance the readability and maintainability of a code.

How to create User Defined Exceptions in Java

A user defined exception class should be a subclass of the Exception class. Exception are thrown with the help of the “throw” keyword.

Removing first character of a String in Java

Skip() is used to skips the characters, specified by variable, from the input stream and returns the number of characters skipped.The reader and writer classes provides character input and output streams that enables an end user to read and write characters or alphabets.

Static Members in Java

The members which are declared static are called static members and these members are associated with the class name itself.Like static variables,static methods can be called without using the objects.

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