How to read the data from the keyboard in Java

If we want to give values to the variables through keyboard then we use readLine().The readLine() method is invoked using an object of the class DataInputStream.

How to find the length of an Array in Java

We can access the length of an array by using dot operator.We can use dot operator with the name of an array(nummm.length).To control a numerical for loop we use length data field.

How do I pass variables between methods in Java?

In Java,arguments are always passed to the method using pass by value(primitive type). A method call can pass two types of values to a method first is “ Value of Primitive Type”   and second is “ Value of Reference type.”

How to use Expressions in Java

An operator is a symbolic representation which are used to perform mathmetical,logical and relational manipulations(calculations).Operators(symbolic representation) are used in programs to manipulate data and variables.They usually form a part of mathmetical or logical expressions.


Method Overloading in Java

When multiple(more than one methods) methods in the same class(like summ()) have the same name but differ in the number or types of parameters,it is known as method overloading.

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