Using Command Line Arguments in Java

Command line arguments are parameters that are supplied to the application program at the time of invoking it for execution.The arguments which are passed onto main() are Command line arguments.

Program that shows need of Loops

Loop is used to execute the same set of statements repeatedly, we need to understand the concept of loops.Many programs requires tha a group of instructions be executed repeatedly until some logical condition is satisfied and this is called looping.

How to display Date in different format in Java

This example displays the names of the weekdays in short form with the help of DateFormat Symbols() .getWeekdays() method of DateFormatSymbols class.We can change the format in many ways. Java.text package is used for formatting .

Variable size Array in Java

In java we can create arrays that are not rectangular. Such type of arrays are called unstructured arrays or N-dimensional array. To declare such type of arrays, you can specify memory to store separate number of elements in separate rows.

Program to check the given number is Armstrong or not

Armstrong number is that number which are of three integer digits, which sum of the cube of its individual digits is equal to that number which we enter like 153 ,the cube of 1 and the cube of 5, and the cube of 3 and the sum of both (1*1*1)+(5*5*5)+(3*3*3)=153 means its armstrong number.

others are.....370,371,407 etc


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