Compound Assignment Operator

Compound assignment operator(+=,-=,*=,/=,%=,&=,|=,^=,<<=,>>=,>>>=)are a combination of the assignment operator and an another operator such as an arithmetic operator. So they are also known as Shorthand assignment operators.



Nested if statement in Java

When a complete if or if-else statement is written within another if statement, it is known as nesting of the if statement. The nested block can be within the if block or inside the else block.

Print ASCII characters in Java


The full form of ASCII is The American Standard Code for Information Interchange. The ASCII code includes only control characters like A-Z , a-z,special characters(>?<) etc. Computer do not understand anything(like characters) other than numbers(bits or bytes).

Program to calculate Profit or Loss percentages using java

In calculating profit percent(%) and loss percent(%) we will learn about the basic concepts of profit and loss

Jump Statements in Java

Jump statement are used to alter the flow of control unconditionally. That is, jump statement transfer the program control unconditionally. The jump statement defined in Java are break, continue and return.

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