Friend function in C++

Friend keyword is used for friend functions.

In C++ class has data member and member function. Data member declare private that cannot be accessed outside the class, means non-member function of class. But some time situation is arises, private data member need to access outside the class. That is done by friend function. A friend function is called non-member function, when we create friend function, we can access private member of class.



class xyz



   int x;

friend void disp();  //friend function


void disp()


xyz obj;

obj.x=5;  //access the variable

cout<<"the value of x="<<obj.x;  //print the value


void main()


disp();  //calling function



friend function


In this example we create a disp(),which is private. But the function is friend means we can access outside the class. Friend function access the class variable x by using dot operator.By using friend functions ,the member function of one class can be accessed by another class.