Function Overloading in C++

C++ supports overloading of function names and operators for both user defined types and built in types.For Example we can create several functions named print, or we could overload the “+” operator to work for a new type. In C++ , a function name is overloaded by simple declaring (and defining)several functions with that name.

C ++ Program to count vowels in a String

String is one of the special type of array that is array of characters. The term “String” generally means an ordered sequence of characters. In most programming language such string are enclosed in either single or double quotes.

Switch Statement in C++

Switch case is a multi way decision maker, that test whether an expression matches one of the number of values. In switch statement we use case, default, break reserved keywords.

Program to print Fibonacci series by using Constructor under Inheritance.

To make a Constructor that directly is linked with the object and uses at least one argument, a new set of constructors must be written for the derived class.

Formatting Manipulators in C++

<iomanip.h> header file is used for manipulators.It provides a set of functions which can be used to manipulate the output format. Ios contains basic facilities that are used by all other input and output classes.Manipulator function are special stream functions that changes characteristics of the input and output.

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