Queue Operations

 Queue Operations are......

         Enqueue—Add an item(new item in back side) to the end of the queue.

         Dequeue—Remove an item from the front.

         Queue Front—Who is first?

         Queueu End—Who is last?


Program of Circular Linked List


Circular Linked List is another remedy for the drawbacks of the Single Linked List besides Doubly Linked List. A Slight change to the structure of a linear list is made to convert it to circular linked list; link field in the last node contains a pointer back to the first not Null.


Program of List using Array

In the array implementation of lists, we will use array to hold the entries and  a separate counter to keep track of the number of positions are occupied. 

Program of stack using linked list

Two basic methods used in stack(LIFO….Last In First Out) are: statically (Array based implementation) and dynamically(pointer-based(Linked List) implementation).

Program of stack using array

There are two basic methods for the implementation of stacks--- one where the memory is used statically(by using Array) and the other where the memory is used dynamically(by Linked List).

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