Function Prototype in C++

A function prototype tells the compiler the name of the function, the types  of data returned by the function, the number of parameters(void odd(int Aa)) the function expects to receive, the types(int,float) of the parameters and the order in which these parameters are expected. The compiler uses function prototypes of validate function calls.

Cleardevice function in C++

Cleardevice() function erases the graphics screen and moves the cursor position to home that is(0,0). Erasing here means filling current background colour. This function takes no arguments.

Program of stack using linked list

Two basic methods used in stack(LIFO….Last In First Out) are: statically (Array based implementation) and dynamically(pointer-based(Linked List) implementation).

Program of stack using array

There are two basic methods for the implementation of stacks--- one where the memory is used statically(by using Array) and the other where the memory is used dynamically(by Linked List).

Program to implement Circular Queue using Array

Circular queue may be viewed as the array that holds the queue elements in circular rather than as a straight line. That means we may imagine that the first element of the array immediately follows the last elements.

Program of queue using Linked List

As in Stacks, a queue could be implemented using a Linked List. A queue can be implemented by the following declarations and algorithms:

Program of queue using array

To represent(create) a queue we require a one dimensional array of some maximum size(int queue_arra[MAX];)  to hold the data items and two other variable (int rear = -1;int front = -1;) to point to the beginning and the end of the queue.

What is Data Structure?

Data Structure is the branch of computer science that unleaches(set free) the knowledge of how the data should be organized, how the flow of data should be controlled and how a data structure should be designed and implemented to reduce the complexity and increase the efficiency of the algorithm.

Drop down Menu

Menus are an integral part of GUI(Graphical User Interface). Menus allow the user to perform actions  with extra GUI components. In Swing GUIs, menus can only be attached to objects of the classes that provide method setJMenuBar.

Pointer in C


Pointers are variables that contains memory addresses as their values.The & or address operator, is a unary operator that returns the address of its operand.

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