Arrays sort in Java

At one time, sorting array was often a challenge for new developers. Hey,it was also often a pain in the neck for us experienced developers! Well , not anymore. You now have another method (function)available to you: the Arrays.sort method(Arrays.sort()). This method sorts the contents of an array according to its natural ordering, which is essentially the common ordering that you would expect. Numbers are sorted in increasing order, and String objects are sorted alphabetically(a,b,c,d). You will find this method helpful when you have a String array that you want to ensure is in alphabetic order.

Multidimensional Array in Java


An array that contains other arrays as its elements. The common type of multidimensional array is the two dimensional array. In Java, all multidimensional arrays are just arrays of arrays.

Think of the data stored in a table. The table has rows and columns, and at any specific coordinate(x,y), there is a piece of data. When working  with tabular data like this, you can refer to the location of each piece of data by its row number and column number.


Using the Java Arrays Binary Search Methods

Arrays are a way to store a list of items that have the same primitive data type or class. Each item on the list goes into its own slot, which is numbered, so that the information can be easily accessed. Array can store any type of information that can be stored in a variable.

Two-Dimensional Arrays in Java

In Java, multi dimensional arrays are also referred to as arrays of arrays. 2D array is the commonly used and simplest multi-dimensional array. Generally ,2D arrays are referred to as one-dimensional arrays lists. 2D arrays are represented in a row-columns form on paper, and the terms "rows" and  "columns" are used in computing.

Program to find Smallest and Largest number in Java

Find Largest and Smallest Number in an Array means how to find largest and smallest number in an array.In this example we use 10 numbers in which we find the smallest and largest value.

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