Cleardevice function in C++

Cleardevice() function erases the graphics screen and moves the cursor position to home that is(0,0). Erasing here means filling current background colour. This function takes no arguments.

Floodfill function in C++

Floodfill function when executed fills an enclosed area with the colour and pattern to be inserted given  by the user. The pattern to be filled is given through setfillstyle() function.

The use of for Loops alongwith Graphical function to draw a circle chain

Circle() is used to draw a circle centered at(x,y) with radius specified by the variable radius in the current drawing colour.

Draw a line in C++

Graphics is one of the main feature of c++. By using Graphics we can draw any shape.#include<graphics.h> header files defines a number of graphics function like

Point…….simply a pair(x,y)representing a coordinate in the window

Circle…….defines by a point and a radius

Line………Two points one is starting point and other is the end point

Message…..Used to display in the graphics window.