User Interface input Data Validation in Swing


The Simple Validation is used  for quickly adding validation code to Swing user-interface.The User Interface needs to make sure that what the user typed is legal, if it is not then  the user should be shown the error or problem.

Print a List of Files in a Folder



If u want to read all the files in a folder .With this code(program)u can list all the files in a given((specific) for example e:\rekha) directory.

Applet Methods

JApplet is a class that represents the Swing Applet. It is a subclass of Applet class and must extended by   all the applets that use Swing.

Nested Loops

Nested loop means loop within a loop one is inner loop(inside the body) and other is outer loop(two loops).Inner loop is placed inside outer loop.

Logical Operators

Java provides Logical Operator that may be used to form complex conditions for control structures by combining simple conditions. The logical operators(symbolic representation) are &&( logical AND), &(Boolean  Logical  AND),||(Logical OR), |(Boolean logical inclusive OR).^(Boolean logical exclusive OR) and !(logical NOT,also called logical negation operator)

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